Peter Dench is a celebrated UK-based photographer, videographer, presenter, writer, author and curator. He is a keen and astute observer of human nature who gravitates toward the quirkier aspects of life. Read Peter's full biography HERE.


Tesni Ward is an award-winning professional wildlife photographer and Olympus Ambassador based on the outskirts of the Peak District. Read Tesni's full biography HERE.


Bobby Lee - based in San Francisco, California, Bobby Lee views photography as an art form. He carries his signature style into his commercial work which includes ongoing commissions with major brands including Sky Mall and United Airlines. Read Bobby's full biography HERE.


Ron Timehin - based in London, Ron specialises in cityscapes and portrait photography. The sheer quality of his work has landed him commissions with heavy weight brands such as Apple, Google, Adidas and Mercedes, to name but a few. Read Ron's full biography HERE.